What can you win?

You can win the honorary title of ‘Nederlands Studenten Kampioen handboogschieten 2018’ (Dutch Student Archery Champion 2018). The top 3 in each category will win a medal, the winners will receive an extra prize. All archers who do not make the final rounds will shoot in an alternative ‘lucky lozer’ round to compete for free drink tokens for the evening party.

What's the location?

The competition will be held at E.S.H. Da Vinci,
Aan de Meet, Amazonenlaan 4, 5631 KW Eindhoven

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After the competition

Tiki-party and Dinner

After the competition archers can join for a dinner. There will be a food truck and for 7,50 you can eat unlimited fries and snacks. After the Dinner there will be a ‘Tiki party’ with music, cocktails, beer and burgers.


If you want to stay overnight, this is possible for an additional fee of 10 euro including breakfast. You have to take your own sleeping bag. Breakfast will be served early.

Who can join?

All student archers in Dutch universities (HBO/WO) in the age of 16-30. If you recently graduated, study on the MBO, doing a PhD or study abroad, please contact the committee to discuss the possibilities. The committee will contact the SSN to verify if you can join.

Any other questions?

You can contact the NSK committee of ESH Da Vinci by sending an email to nsk@eshdavinci.nl